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Ohio-Based Sustainable Clothing Brands You Should Know

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As much as we are trying to reduce the need to purchase new clothes, we know that in reality, people will change sizes and cycle through different styles throughout their lives thus requiring new clothes. That is completely normal and expected! With that being said we want to make sure that if we are buying brand-new clothing we are considering where they are being sourced from. If you haven’t read our blog about sustainability check it out here!

Below are 3 sustainable clothing brands based right here in Ohio to help make sure that when you buy new, you're buying sustainably.

Based in Columbus, Ohio this brand naturally dyes its fabrics using things of the earth such as onion skins, madder root, black beans, and osage resulting in a variety of beautiful hues. They also use natural fabrics that make their clothing not only comfortable but also provide creative shapes to serve all women and sizes.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Found Surface is a fairly new company that fully discloses its entire manufacturing process. Everything is 100% made in the United States including their hardware, packaging, and tags. The brand uses recycled plastic water bottles to create a cotton-like thread to construct all its unisex garments. They also use color-selecting robots to minimize waste using low-impact dyes and water recycling in the dyeing process. Their goal is to be a luxury brand where you aren’t buying the name but the actual quality and long-term wear of the items.

Evolverie is a women’s clothing brand from Worthington, Ohio that uses locally sourced deadstock/wasted fabric and makes every piece from start to finish in-house! Their goal is to reduce and reuse leftover fabric that is being left by major fashion houses and designers. They are incredibly transparent about their process and the values of the company. They even go as far as to share the entire cost breakdown for every product that they sell and where the money is going.

These are just a few companies that we see taking great sustainable steps in the fashion industry. Leave a comment on other brands that you see taking the initiative!

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