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A Breakdown of New York Fashion Week

If you are in the fashion world you know that this month is one of the two biggest months of the year for the fashion community. It's the start of The Big Four fashion weeks! If you don’t know what The Big Four is, they are the four of the largest cities around the world that hold the most influence in fashion- NY, London, Milan, and Paris. Last week we started in New York!

Let's go over some of the styles we saw in the shows and what we're predicting the trends will be for the upcoming spring and summer 2024 seasons. With 90's and 00's style making an appearance in street fashion recently we saw hints of it throughout the shows. Florals are coming back, in a more chic way, and our Avril Lavigne punk era is returning with metallics of all colors.

Florals Are Back! (for better or for worse)

For starters, we are seeing a rise in floral prints once again… Whether you love it or hate it, huge elements were present in the Ralph Lauren show with painted florals on a denim skirt set and opening the show with delicately painted jeans. Along with that, bigger rosettes were featured in many shows throughout the week as well.

We will say that all floral patterns are not made equal. We aren’t bringing back super bold fake flowers but rather more delicately painted realistic botanicals that give off a chic finish and don’t take away from you. Remember you must own the outfit, not the other way around!

Metallic Baby

Something else you might have seen this week was metallics and sequins making a statement. In many shows such as Harlem’s Fashion Row Show, Ralph Lauren, La Pointe, and many more. If you haven’t read our fall projection trends read it here! On that list, we mentioned the amount of metallics that we will be seeing through the next year. They aren’t limited either. We have seen gold, silver, pink, green, and basically the whole rainbow. Although these stand-out pieces definitely make a bold outfit we don’t see these being a long-term look. We’ve seen them before and will probably see them again but not in a profound way.

See Through Everything!!

See-through body con dresses have been shown in the majority of the fashion shows this week. We must keep in mind that these collections are projections of what is to come for the upcoming season in spring and summer time. Although sheer fabric easily looks tacky the designers did a great job of keeping the colors and textures super unique and exciting- Michael Kors was a great example of this. In an effort to have that more chic look, designers utilized layering with the sheer in many of their show this year.


We were seeing a lot of that bright Barbie pink this year which has coined the term “Barbiecore”. Even though we stand for the empowerment of the Barbiecore message, some of these bright monochrome pink outfits are just not adequate for everyday life. We predict that the bright neon pink will soon dye down to become a more elegant hue as pictured on the left.

Classic A-symmetrical

Lastly, to give a timeless look while also mixing it up and keeping things unique we have A-symmetrical clothing. We have seen this super prevalently in Tori Burch and Chanel. Coupled with this there has been a hidden futuristic theme throughout everyone’s designs. It can be seen through the silhouettes with blazers and coats and additionally through the small items being placed on the models like types of sunglasses and brooches.

All in all, I think that we had some surprises in the shows but we can’t wait to see how RYN will style them. Let us know what your take on this New York fashion week was in the comments! And don’t forget, this is just the beginning stay tuned for the remaining of The Big Four!

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