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DIY Halloween Costumes: Dressing Up with What You Have

Four easy Halloween costume ideas

Halloweekend is just around the corner and we know how expensive and crazy costumes can get. Here are 8 easy last-minute costumes you can make using clothes from your closet:

1. Rockstar: Grab your favorite band tee, leather jacket, and ripped jeans. Add some sunglasses and a guitar prop for extra flair.

2. Nerd: Pair a plaid shirt with high-waisted pants, suspenders, and oversized glasses. Don't forget a pocket protector!

3. Athlete: Put on your sports jersey, shorts or leggings, and sneakers. Carry a water bottle and add some sweatbands for extra emphasis.

4. 80s Workout Guru: Throw on a colorful leotard or sweatshirt, leggings, leg warmers, and headband. Get ready to break a sweat!

5. Tourist: Wear a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts or capris, and a sun hat. Carry a camera and a map for the full tourist look.

6. Zombie: Take any old clothes and give them a tattered and dirty look. Add some fake blood and pale makeup for a spooky effect.

7. Superhero: Dress in a solid-colored outfit and use colored fabric or paper to create a cape. Use that same paper to create a mask or a symbol!

8. Cowboy/Cowgirl: Wear a plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. Top it off with a hat and a bandana for a western vibe.

9. Favorite T.V. Show Characters: Examples such as Gilmore Girls where you can do a sweater and pleated skirt, or Emily in Paris and make wild fashion combinations are the easiest while still seeming thought out!

Side tip! If you have any face paint or makeup you can make any of these looks have a spooky touch! Hope these ideas help you rock your costume game and allow you to save environmental waste by reusing and transforming the clothes you already have.

Hope you all have a great Halloweekend and don't forget to tag us in your Instagram posts @therynapp to get featured!


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