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Best Eco-Friendly Accessory Brands: Sustainable and Stylish Choices

person holding a bag

Do you love browsing accessories while cruising in the mall or scrolling through online ads? Do you hesitate to purchase due to ethical concerns about the brands behind the products? If so, you’re not alone. Given current climate trends, many of us are seeking ways to make more mindful shopping decisions, especially in the accessories space. In this blog post, we’ve curated a selection of eco-friendly accessory brands pioneering the industry with their commitment to ethical practices. 

Here at RYN, we believe in adorning yourself with pieces that look good and contribute positively to our planet. From chic jewelry to timeless handbags, elevate your style responsibly and read on to find your new favorite brands!

Established as the first women's fashion store in our home district of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Sloane aims to embrace timeless elegance by blending edgy styles with modern femininity. Designed by passionate individuals, each piece in their collection is chosen for its authenticity and distinctive character. Housing a diverse price range of accessories and clothes, the company's commitment to ethical practices is shown through its emphasis on quality and responsibly created pieces. 

person wearing an all red outfit

Continuing with our Cincinnati-based trend, Baqette is woman-owned. It started in 2012 when Quinn began experimenting with leather scraps sourced from her uncle’s furniture company. Officially launching in 2017, each Baqette bag is handmade from start to finish in their studio and aims to add beauty and purpose to your life. 

woman taking a picture of a bag

Not only does Launch Party sell sustainable accessories like the Bio-Knit bags and acetate sunglasses, but they also sell skin and beauty care products. Based in Cincinnati as well, Launch Party's focus is on reducing plastic waste which is why none of the products they carry contain any plastic-- from the packaging to the product itself.

reusable bag

Another bag brand to add to the roster, Angela Roi represents the youthful and sophisticated who realize and weigh the outcome of their actions in the world around them. Certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Angela Roi creates pieces that are effortlessly elegant, using non-animal materials and doing good for humans and animals alike. 

Brown bag

5. Fern

Going global, this Malaysian brand rediscovers the ancient art form and aesthetic of Batik. Its founder, Fern Chua, is inspired by nature and incorporates her travels into every lookbook. If your closet is not quite ready for their bold clothing choices yet, taking baby steps with their accessories like these hand-drawn silk scarfs could be the start of something new…

scarves hanging

Based in Toronto, this black-owned and woman-owned jewelry brand is filled with contemporary heirlooms celebrating Africa and its diaspora. Omi Woods ethically handmakes its jewelry with fairly sourced African gold and recycled fine metals and gemstones. With a range of styles, this brand can be saved for special occasions or worn every day. 


If dainty jewelry is more your style, support small businesses and check out this Etsy shop! Based in California, I can personally vouch for Katrina’s jewelry. After 20 years in the fashion industry, she now works as a metalsmith, handcrafting simple classic jewelry using traditional techniques and recycled precious metals. Check out her bestsellers!


Purses, jewelry, and shoes aren’t the only accessories that exist… Check out Solios solar-powered watches! The first B Corp Certified watch brand puts 3% of its revenues back into environmental organizations and has a net zero mission by 2025. A leader in sustainability and ethics with sleek options for both men and women, Solios is a startup to remember. 

person wearing a watch

Last but certainly not least, Afends screams Gen Z in the best possible way. Its products are hemp-made, a genius eco-friendly alternative previously dismissed due to outdated propaganda. Afends has taken the time to slow down and find the source in order to cultivate change and advocate for what’s important. See for yourself and check out their hemp-made sunglasses and hats! 

green hat

Below are some honorable mentions of sustainable alternatives for everyday items. 

Terra ties - hair ties 

(Re)x - recycled plastic hangers

Brush with Bamboo - hair & toothbrushes

What do you think… Did you discover your new favorite accessory brand? Let us know in the comments!


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