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Fashion News of the Month- February Recap

It's that time of the month! Let's recap all that’s been happening in the fashion world. February may be the shortest month but don't let that fool you, A LOT went down. Throughout the month, designers were still showing sporadic fall/winter collections and there was a flurry of award shows and movie releases. 

With that being said … Strap in and let us know what your thoughts are on these popular looks! 

Dune Press Tour: 

All eyes are on Zendaya this month as she had over 9 different looks that she showcased for the Dune 2 press tour. From a simple but unique Stéphane Rolland dress (pictured on the right) to the Mugler full metal body suit (pictured on the left). The bodysuit was actually pulled from the vintage autumn/winter 1995 ‘Cirque d’hiver’ 20th-anniversary collection. The impressive metal bodysuit featured clear paneling and matching stilettos; Zendaya finished the ensemble with shimmering Bulgari jewels.

Zendaya Dune press tour

SAG Awards: 

From Elizabeth Debicki in sleek Armani Privé to Brie Larson in dramatic Versace and Ariana Greenblatt in velvet Vera Wang, the best-dressed stars brought maximum glamour to the night that honors actors and performances.


The Grammys never really follows a theme but tends to have the most playful red carpet because of that. Dua Lipa created her own aquatic theme arriving in a highly textured metallic Courrèges dress accessorized with Tiffany & Co. fish sculptures.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa in custom Courrèges and Tiffany & Co.

Miley had quite the night winning her first Grammy and blessing us with over 4 different looks in one night. This gold metal look is made up of 14,000 safety pins and was created for her by John Galliano, who referenced a similar look from his FW 1996 collection. 

Miley Cyrus Grammys
Miley Cyrus in custom Margiela

Miley changed yet again, this time wearing a dazzling, archival Bob Mackie beaded mini dress.

Miley Cyrus in silver outfit

Our Influencer Pick! 

We have decided to start spotlighting one individual each month who we feel is paving the way in fashion with their style and uniqueness. This week we have Claudya Moreira. We constantly talk about opening your mind up to find different ways of using your generic clothing into something a bit more unique and Claudya follows this effortlessly. She has found over 50 different ways to style a scarf and continues to post her art through fashion. If you're interested in seeing more of her looks her Instagram is @claudyamoreira and she has a clothing brand @zafialisbon. Keep killing it Claudya!

Influencer showing how to style scarfs

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