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Milan Fashion Week: Hot Looks and Hot Takes

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Everyone we have officially entered into couture fashion weeks featured in Milan and Paris! This week we are switching it up a bit. Introducing Hot Looks and Hot Takes…

As always, if you have yet to read our previous blogs about New York and London Fashion Week you can catch up to speed here.

Let us begin with our hot takes, by no means are we hating on these looks or companies but we were expecting to see a more prevalent creative flare with these designers.

Hot Takes

1. Avavav

This week Avavav presented their “no time to design” collection. The collection featured a multitude of everyday materials such as Post-Its and Duck Tape along with “everyday outfits” that included the models rushing or even running and crying down the runway. Although this is a very unique show to see, it lacked any flattering or special styles.

2. Gucci

This may come as a shock to some of you but Gucci has completely changed this season. The new creative director Sabato de Sarno launched his first collection and although we liked the pieces they were sadly bleak and lacked any personality or design. Many of the clothes did not fit the models properly and it overall looked like they were trying to be Prada or an expensive Zara or H&M collection.

Hot Looks

Now let us get into the shows and looks that completely slayed and had our jaws dropped.

1. Fendi

The color blocking in this show is exactly what we were looking for. The fabrics and vibrant colors just melting into each other added a crisp and serene vibe to the entire collection. When we review shows there are a lot of factors to consider including the space, the fit to the models, colors, the theme, where it is being shown and overall this was so Milan and chic. It was effortlessly stunning and flowed really elegantly.

2. Prada

We loved how refreshing this show was. This is the definition of chic. Prada always stays on theme and that is what we love about them. This season they wanted to recognize the composition of the clothing. Milani Prada stated “​​We wanted to focus on the work - the methods and techniques, the value. There is respect for our work as designers, and the act of making clothes. The clothes say everything”

3. Moschino

To step away from the fashion aspect for a second. Moschino is allowing their models to show personality in their walk and we are absolutely living for it. Overall, it just shows how fun and beautiful the fabrics look with movement and changes the atmosphere as a whole. It was also a reflection of their line this week. Youthful, energetic, and unique!

4. Dolce & Gabbana

I mean honestly go watch the show. Every look was iconic and mesmerizing, it's not every day that you will see Naomi Campbell close out the show at 53 years old and still have the best walk of the season. Aside from that, this show was sultry, sexy, and every outfit just looked complete. The casting, the cuts, the patterns, and the sleek-fitting fabric are what we love to see.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the shows. Do you agree with our hot take?

We'll see you next week in Paris to finish off the Big Four, au revoir!

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