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Styling Your Summer Clothes in Winter: Tips on Wearing Your Favorite Pieces All Year Round

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So we have officially hit the winter season. Temperatures have dropped all around and even if you are not surrounded by snow you are probably still getting out some of your winter wear. 

There is this unfortunate misconception that come winter, you have to rotate into an entirely new wardrobe. This not only requires a lot of space and money but it means that you can only wear some of your favorite pieces a few months out of the year. In this blog we are going to dispel that misconception and show you some ways you can rock your summer wardrobe in winter:

1. Layer Love: In winter it's easy to think about just layering long sleeves and coats, but try pairing pieces from different seasons too! Throw a chunky knit cardigan or a sleek leather jacket over your favorite summer dress. It's cozy and stylish! Or take that button-up you love wearing in the summer and layer it under a jacket. 

Layering ideas

2. Tights Time: Don't pack away those shorts and skirts just yet. Pair them with thick tights or leggings and you're winter-ready. Pssst… There are also fleece-lined tights that make it look like your skin but it’s actually fur-coated inside (a lot of figure skaters wear these!). 

Woman wearing a skirt

3. Boot Season: Boots can transform any summer outfit. Try them with a floral dress or denim shorts for a cool contrast. And don’t forget those tights! Even a Finn cotton pair with a cute design can make you look super cozy and cute! 

Man wearing boots

4. Scarf It Up: Add a chunky knit scarf to your summer tops. It's a simple way to stay warm and amp up your style. There are so many ways that you can style your scarfs that are being severely underused (keep an eye out for our take on this!)

Woman wearing a sweater over a dress

5. Sweater Over Dress: A big, warm sweater over a summer dress can create a cute winter look. Add a belt for some shape! You can also add a Bando or Bralette over the dress but underneath the sweater so you can use the band to create a cropped look for the sweater. 

6. The Simple Tank: We undervalue the use of a simple camisole or tank top. We can use these to layer of course but also we can create a very elegant look that adds a sleeveless effect to the chosen outfit (check out @marieschnoell on Instagram for a tutorial on how to do this). You can also easily put these over a turtleneck to give your outfit a more diverse look.

Layering long sleeves

Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself. So, have fun experimenting with your summer and winter pieces! And don’t discount something just because it would typically fall into a certain category!

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