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TV Fashion Influence: How Does It Shape Trends Beyond the Screen?

I'm sure all of us can relate to when we are watching a show or movie and just love every single outfit that we see and wish that we could recreate that at home. Well, today RYN will be re-creating some of the outfits from the most watched shows and films that you can wear casually every day!  

1. Suits: For a fresh look on the classic business professional attire go for strong silhouettes and unique structure. You can achieve this by using shoulder pads (or bra pads), belts, safety pins, and good old-fashioned tailoring. So go ahead and pull out any suit, blazer, or tight midi dress and have fun with it!

Business professional attire

2. Gilmore Girls: Channel Rory's school days with a plaid mini skirt, a fitted turtleneck, and a cute blazer. Knee-high socks and loafers will totally nail the preppy vibe. If you want to go for a more Lorelai look, grab a graphic-t or turtleneck, boot-cut jeans, a leather jacket (bonus points if it's a blazer), and some short heels or boots and you've got it.

Y2K fashion

3. Barbie: Surprisingly the largest fashion trend coming out of this movie is.... cowboy-core! So here's how you can create it! Grab a pair of denim anything (shorts, skirts, jeans), pair it with a somewhat tight t-shirt and tall boots. Cowboy boots are expensive so really any tall boot will work. For the ladies, style your hair in pigtails for a completely free way to tie together the look.

Cowboy outfits

4. Oppenheimer: Channel the dark historical film using moody pieces of business attire. Grab a pair of dark and/or earth-toned dress pants and a blazer. Pair it with your choice of a button-up, waistcoat, or both! With any of these combinations, you can't go wrong with adding a tie!

Dark academia style

5. Ted Lasso: Whether you want to channel Rebecca Welton or Keeley Jones, the key is using fun colors, patterns, and textures. Play around with monochromatic pieces or contrasting textures to achieve their respective whimsical looks. If you're looking to emulate Dani Rojas you can't go wrong with a uniquely patterned shirt or fun jacket. For either of these keep the pants simple, the shirt is the star here. To dress like the classic Ted Lasso, all you need is a button-up under anything and you're good!

Outfit ideas

6. Little Mermaid: While most people don't have a mermaid tail in their closet, you can still channel your inner mermaid by wearing long dresses or skirts in pastel colors- specifically pink, blue, and purple. Play around with textures like silk, lace, and ruffles to add depth. With Spring just around the corner, we at RYN have a feeling that "mermaid-core" will be the next trend in the fashion scene.

Everydy mermaid outfits

7. Friends: The wholesome sitcom has become one of the most influential shows in fashion, likely because of its stylish and classic 90s looks. Outfits and pieces of the 90s era are starting to be considered more timeless and here at RYN we love timeless looks. See below how you can emulate whichever character speaks to you the most.

90s fashion

What we've seen this year in TV and film is a fresh take on many classic looks. This makes it easier than ever to draw inspiration from the screen, but don't forget to make it your own. Have fun with it and send RYN pictures of your creations @therynapp on all social media!

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