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Why We Created RYN: The Story Behind The App

Excited, happy, annoyed, agitated, frustrated, and angry. Those were the cycles of emotions RYN's Founder, Camryn, was feeling on repeat throughout the hours that she had stared at her closet begging for the perfect outfit to appear before her. At this point her friends had already left and were waiting for her at the bar while she was on the verge of tears, trying on every mixture of clothing hoping something good would come out of it. When finally, she just ended up wearing the same thing that she always does: jeans and a black top.

Not only did she not feel confident in her look but the decision process had taken so much energy she didn’t even want to go out anymore. All she kept thinking was why isn’t there a freaking app that can tell me what to wear? …And then came RYN. 

Unfortunately, many of us can say that we’ve wasted incredible amounts of time trying on clothing. In fact, glamour magazine revealed that on average people spend about a year of their life picking out outfits. A YEAR!? And this isn't just a problem for the fashion enthusiasts. The NY Post found that about 65% of the US population suffers from this overwhelming feeling when picking out an outfit.

Our mission here at RYN is to fix these statistics and give you a year of your life back. Fashion plays a huge role in our lives and our mental health (check out our post from last week on this), but it doesn't need to be something that overwhelms and burdens us. At RYN we want to help you fully express yourself while saving your mental energy for the things in your life that truly need it.

If this sounds like something you're interested in exploring, then sign up now to be a beta tester for RYN and use the app before it's officially launched!

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