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Continuing the Big Four With London Fashion Week

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This week, we are back discussing The Big Four fashion shows taking our sights now to London Fashion Week. If you missed last week, go ahead and catch up here. We touched briefly on The Big Four, what they were, and the differences you will be seeing in each city.

On our trip to London, we will be discussing the similar themes we saw last week in NY and the new trends that we are seeing as we head into Europe. Get strapped in cause we have some interesting themes coming your way!

1800’s items

The first and most shocking trend has been inspiration from 1800’s fashion wear. We saw longer-fitted shorts last week in New York paired with white stockings and loafers. Continuing the theme, British Vogue produced a whole monologue while dressing their model in an elegant Victorian-era dress. Yuhan Wang has followed suit with his collection by displaying contemporary cuts of delicately layered lace and straw materials. Additionally, it displays white lace stockings to compliment each look. The overall trend implies something delicate and virtuous. It fully embraces that girlish playful manner and provides a fresh, appealing look to the eyes.


We said it last week and we are going to say it again. Whether you have accepted it or not…florals are making their way back. As we saw last week, the floral prints are coming back in a more realistic, delicate, and chic manner. Tying in the 1800s theme from above, accessories such as clashing white stockings and headpieces have also been patterned with florals. We're even seeing some 3D interpretations of this style from designers such as Paolo Carzana who manipulated fabric to look like rosettes.


We stayed away from latex in New York for the most part this year, however, London did not get the memo. We saw HARRI put out almost an entire line filled with latex elements and even experimented with inflatables as well. We will keep you updated if we begin seeing this glossy fabric around the world…

Patterned Demin and Unique Cuts

Opening for Ralph Lauren in New York, we were greeted with multiple different styles of painted or patterned denim. We have seen this trend carry over in London but in a more grunger fashion. The items presented in Masha Popova’s show display various waistband cuts, shapes, patterns, and colors even in dresses. Ray Chu and several other designers have continued to keep asymmetrical cuts and shapes in trend, with a common theme of hip cutouts.

In the nude (mesh)

We are leaving less to the imagination this spring and summer by adding mesh and see-through factors. Now if that is not your style, do not worry. RYN recommends in order to get a more modest look layer mesh fabrics to provide a less see-through style and add a unique texture to your outfit. This trend isn't everyone's favorite but is a fun opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

We will continue our review of the Big Four in next week’s post moving on to Milan. As always please give us a comment on what you would like to see from us and what your thoughts are on the trends above. Are you ready to put on an 1800s-themed ballgown every day?



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